What We Do

As a Philippine based outsource service provider, Kwest Consultancy Group (PH) Inc. provides our client’s Canadian company with a trustworthy and confidential pre-employment processing, screening and validation service.

A major problem in today’s world is that when a company hires from a different region or country, it is not always easy to make sure that the facts given on a candidates resume or qualification certificates are true and accurate.

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When our client in Canada receives a job application from a non-Canadian candidate, after they have accepted the application they send us the candidate’s details, resume and any supporting documents.

Our job is then to first ensure that all required information needed to validate has been provided. If, as in many cases, it has not, we contact the candidate directly and request them to provide more details.

When all required information has been obtained, we then transfer the relevant information to our client’s resume template, ensuring it is presented in the specific layout they to review.

With this first stage of screening completed, we then begin to validate the information provided. This involves physically contacting each of the candidate’s relevant:

  • Previous employers - to check the details of the job duties they performed and confirm they left that employer in good standing.

  • Issuing authority of any educational and/or training certificates – to confirm the candidate actually achieved the award.

  • Referees – to ensure that their character or professional referees confirm knowledge of the candidate and stand for their good conduct and ethics.

When we have validated that the candidate’s information is 100% true and accurate, we then return the package to our Canadian client. It is then up to the client whether to interview and hire.

Legal Notice

Kwest Consultancy Group (PH) Inc. performs private screening and validation services on candidate documentation provided from our overseas Canadian client only. Kwest Consultancy Group (PH) Inc. is not a recruitment agency and we do not accept resume submissions or process any resume from an individual. Further, at no time do we state, imply or suggest that our screening, validation and assessment services will lead to a candidate's employment.


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